We put on a light, turn on the heat, take out the garbage, drive our car to work, buy food at the local grocery store, and buy a new flat screen TV. And, life is good. Why would we think otherwise?

We look out our door, and the world seems fine. But all those activities, which inhabit our daily life, have consequences.

Coal, natural gas, and oil are extracted from the earth and burned for energy to power our cars, heat our homes, and provide electricity. They also contribute to all the CO2 emissions in the atmosphere that create climate change.

We need to get off fossil fuels and create a renewable and sustainable infrastructure with solar and wind.

Our soil is being depleted, we are over fishing, and our rainforests, among many other resources, are being depleted to the point of extinction. We must protect the resources we have or they won’t be here for us to sustain life.

So, it is critical to know what is going on with the planet in order to do something about it. We need to understand how climate change happens and how our everyday activities contribute to it.

And, there are solutions! There are concrete things all of us can do to help get our planet healthy again.

There are plenty of resources, information, documentaries, and everyday solutions to learn about and share with your family and friends.
Taking care of our planet is something everyone needs to take seriously.

It is now agreed upon in the International community of scientists that global warming is real. Carbon dioxide and methane releases from industrial processes and burning gasoline in cars and airplanes is getting stuck in our atmosphere creating a blanket that traps heat on Earth. Already we've seen a global rise in temperature of 1°C (Why should we be concerned about 1°? This seems like such a small number. But 16 of the last 17 years we've seen the hottest years on record and we've seen extremely hot temperatures recently for example in Iran with a heat index of 165 °F. The surface of the planet will soon be unlivable if we continue down this road!) In Paris, the politicians agreed with the scientists that we must not let this rise above 2°C; because it will lead to further rise in sea levels, unlivable heat conditions, death of all life in the oceans, droughts, loss of crops, famine, displacement of hundreds of millions of people, and inevitably to civil unrest, wars, and the collapse of civilization.

The crisis in Syria and the impossibly extreme heat in the Middle East are just some of the examples of this already occurring − the civil unrest and wars that started in Syria were caused by droughts caused by global warming. The leaders, particularly in the U.S. and China who are the biggest contributor of greenhouse gases (carbon dioxide and methane) have consistently failed us, consistently underestimating the problem, and continue to try to profit off of fossil fuels so that they can be rich and enjoy the good life. It seems that they have no regard for our future and our children, have no grasp of science, or are being led by the devil and demons. Coming out of the Paris climate talks, we are still set to surpass 3°C; according to all the current plans, and with the melting of the permafrost, this is probably game over. There is a lot of misinformation in the mass media about this. It has come out that companies like Exxon knew about this since the 70's but carried out a deliberate misinformation campaign in order to increase their profits. The so-called "climate deniers" are enemies of the people and the Earth. Many scientists tell us now we have 5−10 years left to get off of fossil fuels completely or we will get wiped out.

What We Must Do

We, the people, need to mobilize and unite and stand up to tell our leaders that we must act immediately to get off fossil fuels. Instead of fossil fuels, we must pursue solar and wind energy, which are renewable and can last an unlimited amount of time. For example, we can supply 100% of the world's energy with an array of solar cells in a small region of North Africa, as scientists have pointed out. Electric cars coupled with solar and wind energy, and the outlawing of conventional planes, is necessary. In addition, we must end industrialized monoculture agricultural practices and practice sustainable agriculture and move to a more vegetarian or vegan way of life, as a society, because industrialized agriculture accounts for 30%-50% of the greenhouse problem. We also need to invest research in carbon capture technologies, and this is going to cost trillions of dollars, which will require focused, concentrated effort by governments.

We have the solution, but our government, who has been taking and giving money to and from the big industries for far too long, has so far not had the will to pursue it.

So we must join together and hold protests and demonstrations and participate in the legislative system and mobilize until we are large enough to make a difference. Please, we need you to get involved. If you get on our mailing list, we can send you details of upcoming events (particularly in the Illinois area). Click on the mobilize button above to sign up. Please stand up for the future of the Earth. Our art, music, culture, people, life, and children are worth it!

See also www.theclimatemobilization.org or 350.org for other organizations that are also trying to make a difference.

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